Doing Development Differently in (Metro) Detroit

Until very recently, no initiative in Detroit successfully engaged area unions with community groups. In January 2010, D4 originated with a one-day workshop at Wayne State University, hosted by Labor@Wayne and the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE). Participating in the workshop were more than 80 labor, faith, environmental and community leaders representing dozens of organizations, churches and unions. Virtually every organization that attended this initial event has remained interested in D4. About ten organizations assumed leadership by providing staff who became D4′s core planning group, and several other organizations have joined core members to address specific regional issues.

Since that time, D4 has convened other stakeholder meetings, adopted four major campaigns and continually worked to build relationships across sector and geographies. Our membership continues to represent a wide range of organizations but all with a common purpose in mind – supporting equitable economic, social and environmental development for metro Detroit residents, businesses and other stakeholders.