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Internships Help Prepare People For Future Employment In A Field

We are seeking information from employers on their participation in internships and other experiential learning experiences.

Opportunity Detroit Tech, Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN), and Intern in Michigan want to understand if your organization utilizes information technology interns in Southeast Michigan. Our goal is to promote the availability of diverse, substantive IT internship and other experiential learning opportunities in the region, supporting related student retention and attraction.

To do this, we need to understand what internships and other experiential opportunities your firm offers and in what areas of information technology or other fields. We are asking company CEOs, hiring directors, or  information technology officers to complete a related survey. The person should be responsible for defining IT talent needs and/or hiring/finding talent.

Opportunity Detroit – Tech plans to promote gathered information to future IT workers, particularly the number and diversity of available internships, encouraging them to consider Southeast Michigan as they think about their internship experiences and job prospects.

For more information, contact:

techcouncil@win-semich.org or dial 313.744.2946

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